Monday, August 29, 2011

29 de agosto

this week went pretty well... i feel like we didnt really have the chance to teach that much, but we set 2 new baptismal dates this week! for sept 11th. but neither of the people came to church if they wanna get baptized on the 11th they need to go to church the 4th and the 11th. i sure hope they do! otherwise ill be super sad...
so i wanna share a little something with you all i learned from Ephesians chapter 6. it talks about La Armadura de Dios (the armor of god). i had already known what it was, but i read the chapter and i liked it alot!
1. the loins of truth
2. breastplate of justice
3. feet with preparation of the gospel
4. shield of faith
5. helmet of salvation
6. sword of the spirit which is the word of god
all these things have a special meaning behind them. for example, shield of faith, you put the shield in front of you cause you have faith that you will be pretected from whats coming at you. or the sword of the spirit that is the word of god. as a sword can penetrate the body, the spirit or the word of god can penetrate the very soul. all of them have a different meaning and well i wont write all of them but i challenge all of you to read and study the chapter and then put on that armor of god.
in my new area there is a lot of work... we dont have a lot of people right now, but the ones we have are really good. la verdad (it's the truth). there is one lady, Sophia, that is kinda poor and i just wanna throw out the money i have on the table and say, here hermana, take this and help your family. but were not allowed to do that. but the truth is i kinda dont care because i dont wanna see her cry again...
then last night all the appts we had fell through and well i was kinda in a bad mood. so i was like, compa lets just go home. it was like 8:15 when i sat down at my desk and i was about to write a letter back to someone that wrote me.. and then it hit me. last sunday there was a lady and her 2 daughters that came to church. they actually speak english too beacuse they came from indiana. but they are mexican at heart. except they hate it here. so anyways, i sat at my desk and they just came to my mind, and at first i was like, ya whatever i dont really wanna go... then like 10 seconds later i just felt a really strong impression to go see them. so i was like, compa! lets go. i said, someone came to my mind lets go. so he was like okay. 
it was 8:25 when we left the house and i had a feeling that we should get there before 8:30 for some reason. so we started super speed walking, almost running! we got there at 8:29 and i rang the door bell and she was like, who? i was like, the missionaries! then she was like, oh....uhhhh.....i was just about to get in the shower......but uhh....sure come in! i was like, yes! haha. so we got in sat down and it was the very first appt with her so we just got to know her and talked a little about her background and stuff and we talked a little about the restoration and gave her a BofM and the restoration pamphlet. and she is VERY interested. and the truth, i love them. they have 2 little girls too and they speak english and its super funny haha. idk why. it wasnt a super cool story, but still cool. cause i listened to the spirit. 1. we finally got to teach a little and get to know her. 2. i think if we would have gotten there after 8:30 she would have been in the shower already and we would have missed her.... so i think it was way cool.
more has happened this week too but the truth is i dont have time to write about it! sorry. but i love these people. we dont have very many, but i have so much love for them all... its crazy how much...
well i sat at the bad computer where i cant send pics so uhh sorry but no pics this week!
put on the armor of god,
elder inglish

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