Monday, March 21, 2011

21 de marzo


elder inglish here again.

today this pday was pretty good. nothing too crazy happened. at like 9.30 we went to Amecameca which is just outside the city i am in and its a little bigger and we went to the center kinda where there is like stuff to buy and what not. its just like a market thing. pretty sweet. after that we were back in ozumba in my area and we went to La Bodega which is just a really small walmart. its a branch of walmart actually. but i heard some awesome songs! backstreet boys!! larger than life and right after followed the call. it was really funny cause elder ferlin and i started laughing so hard and singing. after we heard some green day haa... but ya my comp bought some toothpaste. i bought some as well. also bought some plain yogurt and oats and syrup! i dont know why it just sounded like a really good breakfast item! random i know. then we ate lunch at the bishops house and now are here at the ciber cafe. this day goes by sooooo fast... well so do other days too.

so tuesday we were in D.F. again for the last time for my companion and the dentist. finally. then wednesday we were in the poorest and farthest south part of the entire mission in our area called Tlalamac. and we found a lot more people to teach there. theres a lot of work but little members so its really big and hard to work there. especially since its far from where we live in ozumba. but we finally were able to meet with Alfredo again. and he committed to a baptismal date. which is awesome! so we need to work with that.

thursday we did intercambios (trade-offs) with the zone leaders and i was with elder aguilar in my area and my comp was with elder mendoza. it was good we went to santiago in my area and we found some more people to teach. elder aguilar gave his watch to a drunk guy named Raphael. we also went to a recent converts house and we decided to sing a hymn. he flipped thru his book and i flipped thru mine. he asked me what we should sing and the song that came to my mind was Lead Kindly Light or in spanish Divina Luz (which is like my fave) then he was like do you know 48? and i was like whoa i think thats Divina luz. it was. haha it was cool we sang and it definitely brought the spirit. then friday we had tianguis and after that i was with elder nuñez cause we had to do more intercambios cause my comp is district leader. but the days of tianguis no one is in their house! so we found none of our references... :(

saturday, once again, intercambios! and i think were gonna do more too!! but ya saturday i was with elder jimenez and we went to his area and my comp with elder lopez in another part of their area because they had a lot of work and a lot of appointments. after that there was a missionary activity for them where investigators and members go to the chapel and watch a church movie. we watched The Testaments. after we had amazing hamburgers! mmmm.... then sunday we had church which is always great. i have no reason why but before my mission i never went to church looking to feel the spirit. probably since i never paid attn. but since i have been a missionary i feel it every time! its sad to think that i was too stupid and ignorant and immature before the mission and ignored the spirit in church. now i love church. after priesthood there was an old guy that was out first and waiting for another old guy and the first old guy tried to trip the other old guy but just stepped on his foot. then the second old guy did it back to them and idk why im telling you this but it was really funny. almost all the other members saw it and laughed at them too. nothing too crazy has happened this week.

i am still learning a lot and sometimes i am just lost. its a lot harder to learn things in spanish than in english. like if i was in the united states i would know how to do like everything by now... but i have patience and im glad to be here in mexico! so its all good. :)

read and pray everday, plz.
love elder inglish

pictures: sorry they arent very good....

1. elder nuñez and my compa elder moyano.

2. elder ferlin and i sitting next to a borracho.

3. in ameca, theres a statue of a lion crushing a snake. cool.

4. the volcano: popocatepel, or something like that...

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