Monday, March 5, 2012

5 de marzo

well, not a super good week, but we are still working hard and not gonna get discouraged. only one person came to church yesterday and 4 other people we have with baptismal dates didnt make it and so now we have to change the dates... kinda stinks, but thats the way things have to be sometimes... its still hard finding people that want to listen to us, but we are contacting a lot to try and find those people that are ready to listen and who want to come unto christ. 
actually, yesterday for almost 2 hours we did divisions and i went with the ward mission leader and my comp went with his lil bro who got home like 5 days ago from his mish and we just straight up contacted in the streets and knocked doors and were able to find some people that said yes to put an appt. so we will go with them and help them to come unto Christ and all that jazzz...
you like the videos from last week? they were from a kid were teaching. he beatboxxed in one and the other like hung in the air holding onto a vertical pole. haha super random...
well, gotta go, but pray for the missionaries in the world, sometimes we really need your blessings... this is all true, i know it and you all SHOULD know it. share what has changed your life with others.
elder inglish 

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