Monday, March 19, 2012

19 de marzo

bueno, this week went pretty good. we were able to teach, find new investigators, and we finally received some good references from the ward and i FINALLY baptized! i went on like a 17 week drought! that was like the most horrible time of my life...but the Lord has special plans for all of His children.
this transfer ended and last night we received the changes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, im staying. for my fourth transfer in this area! i got here in November! that was so long ago... and i also have the same comp.
its been neato seeing the Lord put His hand in the work. we have just been working and working  and doing our best to be obedient and our best to teach the people the restored gospel and be smart missionaries. and when we do everything we can, God always finishes the job and completes with His part. i love the Lord. and i love you.
Elder Inglish
p.s. we contacted a lady this week and she was like, "no! your just gonna try and brainwash me!" and she slammed the door...
fotos: baptism of Argelia (the bigger lady) and baptism of Ofelia (the older lady, with her son that baptized her)


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