Monday, January 30, 2012

30 de enero

dear fam and friends,

how are things? great i hope. :)

well this week was a little better. we worked hard and actually got some help with members. this week we taught a lot of lessons with adult members! it was great. the ward is getting better and actually starting to help us a little. i see the Lords hand in the work... and its such a blessing! i love it. and i love God. :)

we also finally found a new house to move into. its 2 rooms a little bathroom and a kitchencito. its pretty nice. has like new stuff and it was remodeled a litttle. this is also the last week with my comp because he should have changes on the 7th... but im learning a lot from being with him and i know it truly is a blessing.

well G2G! love you. stay strong!

elder inglish 

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