Monday, January 16, 2012

16 de enero

well this week was kinda slow, with the accident of Josue who was in the hospital. and then i got sick as well... flu-like symptoms... i think...coughing, sore body, head aches, etc. but everythings all good. starting to get over it, little by little.

but ya like i said the week was slow and we couldnt really get too much done. we found some super escogidos (chosen ones) though! Alejandro y Vianney. they were like, ya we talked with the missionaries a long time ago and we went to church too! and well we miss you and the church and all that! and well now we just wanna sit down here and listen to you and read the BofM and do what ever you tell us... and i was like SAWEEEEEEEEET!  haha.

so ya..not too much has happened lately. the area is still a little difficult. but getting better little by little. pray for me! plz...i need more blessings. ;)

love you.
elder inglish

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