Monday, December 19, 2011

19 de diciembre

well another super fast week has passed by!

we are working hard and the next week should be better cause we have a lot of appointments with a lot of people we have contacted...

so on friday we had the ward christmas party and dinner and well it started super late and we had to leave at 9 but the food was pretty good... haha. and then on saturday we had a dinner for all the missionaries in this stake. the stake president does it every year for the missionaries in his stake and invites the president and his family. we ate some yummy food and then we hit some piñatas. i am sending my video. we had blind folds and ya its funny, haha.

theres a lot of work to do here in this area. and we need to find a lot of people. we are finding more and more and the its getting better and better everyweek, but it aint enough fo me!! but yesterday was sweet. a family that we are teaching recieved an answer. she was reading the beginning of the BofM and the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses and then of Joseph Smith and she said she thought it was cool how the angel moroni came to Joseph in a vision to tell him about the BofM and that same night she dreamed that she was there present in the vision and saw everything... and we were like COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!

well i gotta go to a meeting! have a wonderful christmas and ill talk to you before the new year! smooches.
elder inglish

ps.  theres some crazy guys here that walk in the middle of the street when the lights red and they lay out a blanket of glass and lay on it... cool huh...


1. the missionaries and the old couple missionaries and the pres. im on the left

2. the district

3. hitting the piñata


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