Monday, December 12, 2011

12 de diciembre

dear brothers and sisters

well, i'm entering week 5 of this transfer and so far its been tough. but its not the areas fault, its ours. as the missionaries of this area we arent doing something right... we had another week kind of difficult. which includes not teaching a lot of lessons, only like 8 to investigators, only finding a few new people to teach, and not receiving any references from members... we are working really hard, but there is something that we arent doing. today i was laying in my bed, thinking and pondering of things we could do to be better and have more success. the thought of being more obedient came to my mind. i thought, but we arent disobedient missionaries.... and then i thought, ya, but we could definitely be even more obedient. i know we are working hard, but we need to push ourselves even more. i remember that when i was in my last area i got there with almost nothing and left with like 20 investigators progressing. and i was really obedient. and well these last 2 weeks of this change i know that it is what i need to do. obedience with exactness. i know the Lord provides the way, he wants me to obey.

did anyone hear about the earthquake here in mexico city? it was a 6.5 on the Richter! and no one even emailed me to ask if i was okay... wow what love... haha.

and ya we were in a lesson and all the sudden things started shaking and we were like, whoa whats that, and then my comp was like, earthquake! and i was like, oh snap lets bounce! then we all ran out of the building and it stopped. but afterwards i had a headache.. and i was kinda laughing because it was my first in my life and i was so tripped out. Mexico just shook.

the temple was cool in spanish... and i understood it all.

well i gotta go! love you lots fam and friends.

elder inglish  

pics from the temple visit and also a little part of my area at night

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