Monday, November 12, 2012

12 de noviembre

good news! im staying for another 2 months! 

jk. other good news. i ate some meat that you dont cook and it made me kinda sick. i guess you just put some lime or lemon on it and it cooks itself. weird huh?! i didnt believe it and i was kinda scared to eat it, but i did it. its called Tártara. i think its like the neck of a toro. tastes like tuna... 

well, here i am, in the last week of the mission. still dont believe it. i remember when i was a little sunbeam the teachers were always like, "who wants to go on a mission?!" and everyone was always like "i do!" including me. but of course i never knew what it meant. until i actually became one. im happy ive been able to serve the Lord and do it well and faithfully. i cant wait to keep serving him when i finish this mission here in Mexico. there are still lots of missions that need to be accomplished. not one is impossible. 

tomorrow im gonna get a vaccine! maybe that will kill all the worms and bugs that are in my body....  ;)

well gotta go! ill see you soon! 
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