Monday, October 8, 2012

8 de octubre

i was totally gonna send pics today! too bad i forgot my camera... :( i guess youll have to wait till next week...

what a great general conference, right?! it was way spiritual and i loved it. pretty cool about the prophet's call to younger missionaries! and i agree with him, i think its better! 

the work is progressing here in Xochimilco. its a really beautiful place. sometimes its hard because there are a lot of customs here and the people don't wanna change. but when we bring the spirit the people can start to feel that special feeling and they wanna know more! we are teaching 2 brothers that are really cool. they also speak inglish, so after we teach them we talk a little in inglish to help them practice. they believe in the BoM and the Restoration, but their dad is of another church and so they are scared of what hell say. we invited them to be baptized and they said yes so we are preparing them. and there are a handful of others that have dates and that are progressing a lot. its such a cool work the missionary work. it is unique. there is nothing more special. love you!
elder inglish

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