Monday, February 20, 2012

20 de febrero

hey ya`ll!
well another week has passed by super fast!
time flies when youre having fun... well me and my new comp are starting to have a lot more success... i think its cause we get along so well and all day we just work and laugh. but we laugh at the dumbest stuff.. but we really are working hard.
we have 3 baptismal dates for the 3rd and 3 for the 10th. also we have many investigators that are ready for baptism, we just gotta help them realize it! this week we were able to find a good amount of new investigators and they are all super good! the ward started their mission plan which is free english classes. but its like a trick to find new investigators... members of the ward, who are english teachers, pass around a paper that has questions like, would you like to be with your loved ones for time and all eternity?, would you like to know where you came from?, what your purpose is?, where youre going after this life?   and stuff like that. then, the classes end and start with a prayer and end with a spiritual thought. and ya! from what i hear they had a lot of success a couple years ago.... so im excited.
well, gotta go. but i love the mission and the Lord and you! miss you all mucho! 
elder inglish 

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